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The Baltimore Chanukah House - Located at 6721 Greenspring Ave...One Block North of Smith Ave...Corner of Chippewa

The Chanukah House
is located at

6721 Greenspring Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209

One Block North of Smith Avenue

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The Chanukah House will be on display December 8, 2012.
So, please stop by our location at:

6721 Greenspring Avenue. Baltimore, Maryland 21209




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The 2012 Chanukah House Schedule of Events


Saturday, Dec. 8- Ohr Chadash Academy 7:00 pm

Sunday, Dec. 9-Pikesville Fire Department Along With Trucks 7:00 pm

Monday, Dec. 10- Kevin Kamenetz-County Executive,Vicki Almond-Councilwoman, Izzy Patoka-From the Governors Office and Delegate Dana Stein 6:30 pm

Tuesday, Dec. 11- Hatzalah, Shomrim, Chaverim and CERT

Wednesday, Dec. 12-The Jewish Caring Network 7:00 pm

Thurday, Dec. 13-Ner Tamid Synagogue , Bnei Akiva, The Jewish War Veterans, The Baltimore Zionist District and Maccabi World Union to bring their torch to the Chanukah House 7:00 pm

Friday, Dec. 14-Menorah Lighting 4:15 pm

Saturday, Dec. 15-Menucha 7:00 pm

Yeshiva Ahavas Torah bake sale is Wednesday and Thursday night of Chanukah from 6:30-9:30: Freshly baked: Challahs, kugels, cakes, cookies cupcakes and much more.


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The Chanukah House is located at

6721 Greenspring Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209

One block north of Smith Avenue

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What is the purpose of The Chanukah House?

On Chanukah the main mitzvah (commandment) is parseumay nissah (publicizing the miracle of Chanukah).  When we light the menorah we are fulfilling that commandment.  The purpose of The Chanukah House is to fulfill that commandment to an even higher level. 

What made you decide to continue The Chanukah House tradition?
This past Chanukah (2009) was the first year that The Chanukah House was not on display, and many people in the community remarked that they miss it and how it was a loss to our area.  Before Chanukah I felt I wanted to do something different so I picked up some lawn inflatables for Chanukah.  We had different dreidels and menorahs in our front yard that stayed lit and inflated for Chanukah.  I felt that the Greenspring corridor should also have a display of Chanukah joy.  So when I heard that The Chanukah House was not on display anymore it seemed too coincidental.
Do you have new ideas for The Chanukah House?
Web cams – we want to make it possible for people from all over to see The Chanukah House via the Internet.
New exhibits – suggestions are welcome for ideas of new exhibits or any new ideas for how to improve The Chanukah House.

Do you plan on having a community menorah lighting?

We are still in the process of deciding that issue.  Keep checking back for more info.

 What are your goals for The Chanukah House?

To carry on the tradition of many years of the Cohen’s Chanukah house.  We will try to do as good a job as they did and see if it is possible to improve on it.  We are trying to spread an awareness of and a joyous feeling for Chanukah.
Is there a charge for visiting The Chanukah House?
There is no admission or fees for visiting The Chanukah House.  It is open to everyone.  If people wish to help defray the cost of The Chanukah House we will have a jug for donations and we are always looking for sponsors / advertisers for our website .
How do you plan to fit all those Chanukah decorations on your house?
At the Cohen's Chanukah House, they had a huge frontage and balconies.  As we are a corner property, we intend to use our frontage and the side of our house in order to accommodate the voluminous quantity of decorations.  We are planning to construct some makeshift balconies and display areas to showcase and protect the displays.  While going through the Cohen’s house prior to transporting the displays (filling two 14 foot U-Hauls) we discovered that due to the large quantity of decorations they had been rotating the decorations some years and more recently just sticking with the same layout since it worked so well.  At least the initial year we will attempt to display ALL the decorations as is practical so you may see some exhibits that you have not seen in a long time.


How can someone become part of The Chanukah House experience?
We are looking for some volunteers.  We could use help with:
  • The constructing of display areas and balconies
  • Helping set up the exhibits
  • The voice of the Chanukah Rebbe
  • Getting the word out to everyone to come join us
  • Give us suggestions on how to improve The Chanukah House
  • Sponsoring The Chanukah House website to help Ahavas Yisroel Charity Fund
  • The take down and cleaning up of The Chanukah House after Chanukah


What about other holidays?
  • Purim
  • Pesach
  • Lag b’omer
  • Shovuos
  • Memorial day, Flag Day, July 4th
  • Tisha b’av
  • Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkos
  • Tu B’shvat When we acquired The Chanukah House decorations – the Cohen family also gave us the Purim paintings and Sukkos decorations – on our website we have a ‘holidays’ link where you can see the other holidays that we have displayed on the outside of our home.


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The Chanukah House.

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Video Gallery

Below are links to video filmed at
The Baltimore Chanukah House.

The First Night Lighting - Ohr Chadash 12.20.2011 video filmed by...Simcha Foto

WBAL News Chopper Video from the First Night of Chanukah 2010

click here to view the WBAL news chopper video uncut. 2010



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